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I'm from the states so I can't watch Bluestone 42 but I was wondering if you knew any sites where I could watch it?

You can download torrents from or You can watch online with low quality on Or for the best quality, buy the DVDs. Matthew Lewis appears in series 2 and the christmas special but the DVD won’t be released until next year.

Oh my God, you ARE incredible! This was the exact gif I meant and thank you so much for the video! You girl rule! You made my day, thanks so so much!

Haha! You’re welcome. I did what I can to help :)

Hi there, there is this really awesome gif of Matt (wearing a black polo shirt with a thin white line, probably promoting the last movie back in 2011) where he beautifully blinks with his eyes, chuckles and laughs a bit. I don't know how else to describe it, but I'd be thrilled if you know what I meant. And if you do, do you know the interview the gif was taken from? THANK YOU, you're incredible!

I’m assuming you meant this gif?


He did quite a few interviews wearing that shirt but I can’t find the specific one you’re looking for. I found this and this though. If I found it, I’ll update this ask with the link. Or are there are any kind followers out there who have the link to the video?

Update: I found the video you’re looking for.

You posted something about a picture of Matt naked along time ago and I just thought of it. Was it obviously photoshopped or what??

Yeah they’re photoshopped. A long time ago, there were quite a few nsfw blogs that will post such things and spam the matthew lewis tag. I’m glad they no longer post those photos.

I went through your whole blog and wasn't disappointed up until the point were it ended.. Still in love with it though!!

Matthew Lewis accepts Best Fandom Forever Award for Harry Potter at MTVu Fandom Awards 2014 x

Matthew Lewis accepts Best Fandom Forever Award at MTVu Fandom Awards 2014 x

May I ask why Night Of The Living Dead (?)/the pictures you posted are connected with Matt? Thanks a lot and thank you for running this tumblr.

Night of The Loving Dead is a short animated film Matt did a few years ago. Matt voiced a character named Nigel who accidentally brought his old girlfriend back from the dead. Here’s the trailer.


Stills from Night of The Loving Dead which I found 

                            [x]  [x]  [x]  [x]

My internship has ended and school won’t start until October. I’m accepting gif requests of any videos of Matthew Lewis whether from Harry Potter, Bluestone 42, The Syndicate or any interviews etc. Please include which episode/series it’ll be from because I have a bad memory.